Do You Really Need an AC Tune Up? Yes — and Here’s Why

As warm days slowly displace the cooler ones, Arkansas residents are getting ready to turn on those air conditioners. Just like a fresh haircut or a seasonal wardrobe change, your AC could also use a bit of sprucing up. But do you need to get an AC tune-up? After all, you’ve likely used your air conditioning system a few times already, and it’s probably working fine. Why mess with a good thing if it’s working?

This may sound great in theory, but the reality is that your AC system could benefit tremendously from some maintenance here and there. Getting quality service is highly recommended to save on energy costs and have an overall healthier and happier home. So do you need an AC tune-up? Of course you do, and here’s why.

Your AC Gets a Fresh Start

Think about the feeling you get on that first spring day when the weather is warm, and the breeze blows through your hair. It’s not only a reminder of the beauty of spring but is a great tune-up for the days ahead. Working, picking up the kids, or just waking up from bed becomes that much easier.

Now imagine if you weren’t doing anything for four months straight.

Your AC sits for months in the cold and then powers on one day without preparation or an opportunity to refresh and recover from the winter. That beautiful breeze isn’t the same if it forces you out of your slumber! Tuning up your A/C unit gives it the necessary preparation for the long, hot summer while also giving you the comfort and peace of mind that your system is good to go.

You Want a Cleaner and Happier Home

Believe it or not, your home probably has worse air quality than the outside. All of the home cleaners, sprays, and other air pollutants that espouse in your home have nowhere to go but to cycle back through your home. You should change your AC filter every six months and even sooner if you have pets, smoke indoors often, or have allergies. Getting an AC tune-up allows your HVAC professionals to also clean up all the dirt and grime around your machine, thereby increasing your indoor air quality and that sweet, sweet energy efficiency.

You Want to Keep Your Warranty

Did you know that if you don’t keep up with regular AC maintenance, your machine’s warranty could be voided? Most systems come with a limited warranty or some sort of protection. Not turning up your AC unit means you might be left without coverage for any emergency repairs you might need. Air conditioners are works of art, and the odds of them needing emergency repairs are probably minute. However, your warranty is a great safety net, and you don’t want to worry about not having it when you need to.

Tips for Tuning Up Your AC

Even if you tune up your AC unit with a technician, it’s good to know a few tips to keep your unit fresh before, during, and after the season.

  • Clean and replace filters
  • Keep outdoor condensers clear of leaves and grass during the season
  • Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. If not, adjust temperatures during the day and night and consider leaving your house at warmer temperatures if you aren’t home
  • Block sunlight from your windows during the warmer hours of the day
  • Plug any leaks in rooms or widows

Schedule AC Maintenance Today

Now that you know why you should get your AC tuned, it’s time to find HVAC pros that know what’s best for you and your air conditioner. RepairUSA has experience with all things HVAC — from regular maintenance to AC repair and AC replacement. Your annual tune-up is sure to be flawless with our professionals. Contact us today if you want your AC system running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible!

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