The chillier days are being put behind us — isn’t it nice? While many in and around Jonesboro, AR, are looking forward to spending more of their days outside, some property homeowners may be faced with issues that are sure to make an unwelcome comeback when temperatures drop yet again: furnace problems.

How did your furnace hold up this past winter? Did it squeak by even though you might have been expecting it to break down any second? Were there any costly repairs? Has it needed a lot of repairs over the past few years? If your furnace was anything less than stellar, it needs professional attention — but what your heating system needs specifically may be TBD. We’re here to shed light on how to know when it’s time to repair your furnace or opt for an entirely new system. By determining which course of action is best for you and your HVAC system, the more comfortable your family will be all year long.

The Case for Furnace Repair

Maybe your furnace is less than a decade old and just recently had something go slightly off-kilter. Barring a complete system disaster, it makes sense to call for repair. However, there are circumstances in which you might be on the fence about getting a professional to service your current furnace or doing away with your old unit altogether. Keep the following scenarios in mind that are ideal for repair:

Faulty component: Your furnace is a complex device made up of myriad components that can wear out over time. Your heating complications may be the result of one aspect of your furnace needing replacement, such as a heat exchanger, not the entire thing.
Your heating bills are creeping up: A slight bump in your energy bills doesn’t mean furnace replacement is immediately necessary. Read through your furnace’s maintenance guide and execute its suggestions. When you’re faced with an issue you can’t tackle, it’s time to call in the pros for repair.
You plan to sell your home soon: Sinking a few hundred bucks into your HVAC system that buys another two or three years of life could save you thousands when sized up against buying a new furnace.
The Case for Furnace Replacement

While furnace repair may address an immediate issue, it’s not advisable. Sometimes, replacement is in order. Take note of the following circumstances in which you should replace your furnace:

Your furnace emits carbon monoxide: The major sign of a carbon monoxide leak? Yellow flames. An efficient furnace will typically emit blue flames. If you believe your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide, it’s imperative you and your family leave home immediately and call the fire department. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in fatalities.
Your furnace is 15 years old — or older: Even the most immaculate of maintenance schedules won’t keep your furnace performing optimally forever. If your furnace is 15 years old, it’s not cost-effective to invest hundreds — or even thousands — into repairs.
Utility bills are sky-high: An inefficient furnace could bump your energy bills up slowly but steadily. While this cost might be justifiable for a season or two, especially if the unit is new, a sudden spike of several hundred dollars per year means it’s time to replace your furnace entirely.
Deciding Between Furnace Repair or Replacement? Turn to RepairUSA!

Whether you’re dealing with strange noises, want to improve your indoor air quality, or are tired of having a unit that needs frequent repairs, your furnace woes are our bread and butter! Our specialists have the resources and expertise to diagnose the overall health of your furnace and make informed recommendations as to whether to make repairs or move forward with replacement.

For more information about our HVAC services in Jonesboro, AR, or to learn more about us, get in touch with our team today!

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